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Understanding the Statement of Tenant Rights and Responsibilities

When you start or renew a lease, your landlord should give you a Statement of Tenant Rights and Responsibilities. It is a standard form your landlord and you should both sign.

What’s in the notice?

You should read this notice carefully. It can help you avoid problems with your landlord.

It lists important rights you have as a renter, including:

Why is it important?

The law says your landlord can’t start an eviction case if they haven’t given you a copy of this document. If they did start a case without giving this to you, you can ask the judge to throw out the case.

Are you in a mobile home park?

If you own your home but rent the lot in a mobile home park, there’s a different form for you.

Keep in mind

  • Your landlord has to give you this paper before they can start a court case to evict you.
  • Know your rights and talk to your landlord about them to protect yourself and avoid problems.
  • Go to Fight my eviction to learn what to do if your landlord starts a court case without giving you this notice.

You may want to talk to a lawyer for specific advice. Contact your local Legal Aid office to see if you qualify for free help.

Take action

Learn what you can do to try to stay in your home and avoid eviction.

Fight my eviction

Sometimes, you can't avoid eviction if your landlord wants you out. But it is always good to learn how the law can protect you and what you can do about your situation.