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Understanding a Notice of Immediate Termination

If your landlord thinks you broke the law at the property, they might give you a letter telling you to move out immediately. This is a serious notice that ends your lease and starts the eviction process right away.

What is the notice called?

This type of notice does not have a legal name. It might be called:

  • Notice of Immediate Termination
  • Immediate Notice to Quit

What does it mean?

It means that the landlord has ended your lease and they can start an eviction case in court right away.

What’s in the notice?

This notice has three main pieces of information:

  1. The date the landlord gives you the notice.
  2. A description of what your landlord thinks you did that lets them end the lease.
    • A crime or something else you did on purpose that threatens health or safety.
  3. A statement that they are “terminating” or canceling your lease and you must move out.

Keep in mind:

  • Even if they end your lease right away, your landlord can’t just force you out. They have to go through the court process and get the sheriff involved. See all the steps in that process.
  • Go to Fight my eviction to learn how you can respond to a notice from your landlord.

You should contact Legal Aid right away to see if an attorney can advise you.

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